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We have helped organize many seminars for companies in various sectors. Our team knows what it takes to deliver the best viewer experience in on-site, hybrid or virtual seminars.

There are many ways to run a seminar, and each customer has usually different wishes. We can help the customer to decide on best fitting solutions for budget and audience.

Some ways to engage your audience:

  • Live streaming

  • In addition to presentations we can also show close-up of the speaker on the screen.

  • Seminar can include audience participation, such as using microphones where participants can ask questions or virtual polls.

  • To fill break time, we can play entertaining clips on the screen, and the "call" invites the audience to their seats so that the seminar can continue in a timely manner.

  • We can also make a recording of the entire seminar, which can later be uploaded as a whole or by speaker if desired.

  • We can help you arrange video call performances and fully virtual seminars, on any platform customer likes.

Still Frame helps and advises you at every stage to make the technical arrangement smooth and worry-free for you.

The consultation is free, contact us today!


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