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Our goal is to create a true experience from the services we provide. We focus on making events exceptional by adding extra value with expertise and knowledge from video production. Our main values are creativity, reliability, innovation and collaboration.


We have probably done it all!


We can provide all technical aspects for any live broadcast including video, streaming, audio and lighting equipment, live graphics and different video call services. 

We can also help you to think through your live broadcast second by second to make sure all will go according to plan.


Pre-production is important to make sure your video production goes smoothly and the end result will be what you have imagined. Planning is needed for technical aspects as well - format of the production and planning of needed equipment.

Pre-production includes everything from event planning to every technical aspect - consider us as a one-stop shop for your video and event production.


Biggest closed studio in Estonia!

Studio measures are 9.5m x 11.5m meters, 4.5m high ceiling. Half of the studio has white cyclorama walls with 0.5m width round corners. Studio is also equipped 360 degrees with Molton fabric curtain and can also be used for black background.


We can offer many video production services:

  • studio shoots

  • event recording

  • aftermovies

  • drone clips

  • advertisement videos

The list is endless. Just tell us what you are planning and we are sure we can help you!



You have a cool project that you would also like to capture? Is it a building a house, rebuilding a car or creating something extraordinary?

Very cool way is to make a time-lapse of this to share the process from beginning to end and then share it with the rest of the world! It is also cool advertising trick!


Often times there is not a specific place to stream or post video content. We can help with that! 

Landing pages are fully customized pages for your live event or already produced video. The landing pages can have public, password-protected or paid access. We can build a dynamic page system with multiple pages for any need or a one-pager for one time event, that all depends what is needed! 

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